Sharing what’s important to us

Every Tuesday staff from the School meet to discuss updates concerning work and present about topics that have significant meaning to individuals.


The aim behind this part of the School staff meeting was to allow School members to feel as though they can bring their whole selves to work and discuss topics they are passionate about, without the fear of being misunderstood. Where there may have been a lack of understanding around different cultures, beliefs, religions, and lifestyles this platform gives everyone the opportunity to educate each other in a free and safe environment.

This addition to the School meetings has been positively received, especially by members of the School who have lived in isolation throughout Covid. It opens up discussions and a feeling of belonging in a time when we are separated from not only family and friends but work colleagues. It is important to understand the people we work with at the School, as well as the people we provide services for, therefore we will continue to use this time to keep educating ourselves and others.

We hope that by having transparent conversations and being open to learning about others, it will reflect in the work we carry out for our service users. Our trainees and educators come from all walks of life and should be seen as individuals not just an identification number in our system.


Last updated on 22nd July 2021