STP Interview panel member

As a recruitment interviewer you participate in our national interview events for the commissioned healthcare science programmes.


Role description

Interviews normally take place in Birmingham, and you would normally attend for one day.

The applicants sit multiple mini-interviews at a series of stations, each with a panel of two. Stations include general science, specialist science (in your own area of expertise), and leadership/management/values/behaviours. As an interviewer you normally stay at the same station all day, and you might interview 20 or more applicants, with breaks in between batches. You score them as you go, using a simple scoring system.

You don’t have to prepare: the questions are all written for you, and you will have a clear briefing before you start. You don’t have to do any follow-up or discussion afterwards, and you are not individually responsible for the outcomes: decisions are all made by the School on the basis of the scores.

Everything is organised for you and staff support are always at hand. We provide refreshments and lunch. Your fellow interviewers will nearly all be relatively senior fellow professionals – so this is also a great networking opportunity. And we will confirm your participation, which you can record as CPD.

Min criteria/ experience

Clinical scientist with post-qualification experience in the workplace (normally at least one year).

Typical time commitment per event or per year

Up to three days.

Compensation for time

Currently this is an unpaid role but recognition will be given in the form of confirmation for your CPD returns.  Travel and accommodation will be paid within HEE parameters.


Last updated on 14th December 2021