FAQs about the Echocardiography Training Programme

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about the Echocardiography Training Programme.

I would like to apply for the Echocardiography Training Programme, but I already have an MSc in Echocardiography. Is the programme suitable for me?

The ETP is not intended for people who already have an MSc or who have already completed the Cardiac Science route through the STP, as they will already have covered the academic content. We would advise that they obtain a substantial post within a Cardiac department to provide the experience needed to undertake BSE Accreditation.

What is meant when trainees are referred to as 'Supernumary'?

Health Education England funds all trainees on the programme (both direct entry and in service) to allow them to be supernumary, meaning that they will be released from other duties for the entire time on the programme.  Trainees should be under supervision at all times. This can be indirect or distance supervision as they become more experienced. They should not be pulled out of their training to provide routine services or to do on-call sessions.

Trainees should attend other services/diagnostics/clinics where it forms part of their training on the programme. In-service candidates can take part in sessions in related areas (eg Catheter Laboratory sessions) to maintain competencies and to provide a broader training remit and understanding of context, but trainees should not be expected to provide service provision where it detracts from their training.  The 18 month timeline to successful BSE Accreditation is ambitious but achievable, provided trainees have sufficient practical experience, work place training and support.

Which universities offer the ETP?

There are 2 universities who supply the academic portion of the Echocardiography Training Programme (ETP).

Trainees will be allocated a place at University based on the region in which they are employed. North West and Midlands trainees will attend Manchester Metropolitan University. Trainees in all other regions will attend the University of Newcastle.

For the 2022 intake, allocation of places has not yet been confirmed. Once we have final recruitment numbers and regional distribution this will be finalised.

Do I need to advertise an ETP in-service post on NHS jobs?

The in-service route is only open to existing NHS staff working in a cardiac department, who meet the qualification requirements and have been nominated by their employer. The employer does not need to advertise the post on NHS jobs but will need to evidence the candidate’s suitability for the programme. This may be done informally, or an internal interview process could be held where there are multiple potential candidates within an organisation.

Once my trainee is selected, how and when do I let the School know?

Once the candidate is confirmed, please email the School at nshcs.mscrecruitment@hee.nhs.uk as soon as possible, or by 1st September 2021 at the latest, with the confirmed candidates details.

As a minimum we would need:

  • Details of the post (organisation and employer contact name) so that we can match the information to a post
  • Candidate name, email address and contact number
  • Qualifications (please include copies of degree certificates or a statement of how the candidate meets the equivalence requirements)
  • Training Officer
I would like to attend a Train the Trainer event but there are no available dates on the website. Will you be providing more?

We are currently organising further ETP Train the Trainer sessions. Information will be published on the School website shortly, together with details on how you can register to attend an event. Visit the Train the Trainer section for further details.

Last updated on 22nd February 2022