HSST interviews

Information about invites to interview, the outcome and allocation process.


Invites to interviews will be sent to the email address you provided on your application. The application status on Oriel will not change until after the interview outcomes are processed. Interviews will be conducted online through a video-conferencing platform. You will not have a choice of interview date, therefore you must ensure, when you apply, that you will be available on the dates advertised.

Interviewers will score your interview. The score is then provided to us for verification. Be aware that you will not receive your outcome on the day of the interview.

Interview outcome and allocation process

After the verification of scores, the interview outcomes are processed on Oriel.

Once you have accepted an offer of allocation to a training centre, we will send your details to them and they will undertake their employment processes. We do not employ trainees, you will be an employee of the training centre you are allocated to. You will stay in their employment for the full 5 years of training.

Interview feedback

You can obtain interview feedback free of charge by emailing england.hcsapplicants@nhs.net and attaching photographic ID. Feedback usually consists of interview scores and any additional comments.