How do I develop a plan for my workplace-based evidence of activity?

As a clinical scientist in HSST you should discuss/negotiate developing workplace-based evidence with your supervisor as part of the development of your training plan.


You should decide the type and number of submissions that will be most appropriate to demonstrate achievement of the learning outcomes and the Higher Specialist Scientist Standards of Proficiency.

It is important to emphasise that within HSST there is no required use of particular assessment tools – such as DOPs, CBDs etc – at particular stages of your training. Instead, it is for you and your supervisor to discuss and agree what is most appropriate for you in the consultant role for which HSST is preparing you. It is also useful to think about your e-portfolio as your personal portfolio which clearly shows all your learning, development and assessment activities.

Your portfolio evidence will be reviewed as part of the annual review of progression so it is important that you capture sufficient, convincing evidence of your learning and development.

The HSST assessment strategy is very much learner-led and this can be a particularly tricky transition to make, when having had years of experience of taught programmes with set assessment criteria. However, there are valid reasons for using this flexible approach at the level of HSST; not least that all trainees are going through bespoke training programmes in their centres.