What is an ‘in-service’ trainee


In-service trainees are existing NHS employees who are already working in a recognised scientific specialty. In-service applicants may enter the STP and complete the training in their current workplace. In-service trainees remain in full-time employment in their department for the duration of the training. Salary support is provided by NHS England.

Existing NHS employees can also apply for a direct entry training post but would need to resign from their current post if offered a training place. They would have to follow the direct entry guidance for applying to the STP.


Academic providers

The master’s degree is provided by one of the universities commissioned by NHS England. Most of the specialty programmes are provided by only one university and no alternative is offered. In a small number of cases more than one university provides a specialty and, in these cases, employers may state a preference. However, employers and trainees do not have the final choice, NHS England will allocate the university place. NHS England pays the full cost of the master’s degree.