OneFile FAQs for trainees

Last Updated: 8th October 2020

Here you will find some frequently asked questions for trainees, about managing submissions and a portfolio on OneFile.

FAQs for managing your portfolio in OneFile

I have an additional supervisor or new training officer. How can I add them so that they can see my portfolio?

Please use the ‘Request New Training Officer/Supervisor’ form which you can find under the ‘Forms’ tab on your ‘My Portfolio’ page. This allows you to submit a request to the National School to add the additional supervisor to your portfolio.

How do I nominate an assessor that is not my training officer or rotational supervisor?

You can nominate a new assessor when you are ready to make a new submission in OneFile. To do this please click ‘Change Assessor’ and then select ‘Invite New Assessor’ from the drop-down list in the signature area at the foot of your new submission. If you wish this person to have an overall view of your portfolio, rather than just to assess an individual submission, then please use the ‘Request New Training Officer/Supervisor’ form which you can find under the ‘Forms’ tab on your ‘My Portfolio’ page. This allows you to submit a request to the School to add the additional supervisor to your portfolio.

I do not see modules SCC120 (Research Methods) and SCC123 (Research Project) in my OneFile portfolio

These are university-based modules and so do not appear in your workplace portfolio.

I have reached 100% in a module but my training officer is unable to sign it off. What do I need to do?

It is likely you did not submit the required number of workplace-based assessments. Please note you must create separate submissions for DOPS, OCEs and CBDs in order for them to fully count towards module completion. For example, a module requires 3 Case-Based Discussions and 3 DOPS and/or OCEs. To fully complete the module and have it signed off by your training officer, you must make six separate submissions – 3 individual CBD submissions and 3 individual combination of DOPS and OCEs. Please note you should not select a CBD, DOPS, or OCE in your submission criteria when submitting a competency (although you can do the opposite) as the CBD, DOPS or OCE will not ultimately count towards your completion and you will be asked to resubmit the assessment separately.

Similarly, you must attach your MSF report to an MSF submission.

I am missing one or more modules in my portfolio.

If you are training in a specialism with module options, please use the ‘Optional Module Confirmation’ form which you can find under the ‘Forms’ tab on your ‘My Portfolio’ page. If you are missing modules and you do not train in a specialism with module options, please contact us immediately on nshcs.digital@hee.nhs.uk indicating the module(s) you believe are missing from your portfolio.

I have now decided my Medical Physics or Engineering or Cardiac Science pathway.  How can I work within those specialist modules?

Please let us know your chosen specialism using the ‘Confirmation of Specialism’ form, which you can find under the ‘Forms’ tab on your ‘My Portfolio’ page.

I have the option of several rotation modules - how can I let you know which rotations I'll be doing?

Please send us the the ‘Module Options Confirmation’ form which you can find under the ‘Forms’ tab on your ‘My Portfolio’ page.

Why do my MSF and training plan modules indicate ‘N/A’ for progress? Do they count towards completion?

MSFs and training plans are not explicit requirements to complete the HSST programme.  The School has included these in your OneFile portfolios for your convenience.  Anything added or signed off in these modules will not count towards completion.  Your portfolio progress and completion is determined by your ‘evidence of activity’ submissions within your Standards of Proficiency.

FAQs for managing submissions in OneFile

OneFile says ‘Access denied’ when my assessor attempts to view my submission

This happens when you use the assessor nomination feature to send multiple submissions to the same assessor.  When the assessor signs off the first submission, they become unlinked from your profile.  It is a known issue that we’re working with OneFile to fix.  In the meantime, please ask your training officer to unlock your submission back to you and re-send it to your assessor.

My submission has been signed off by my assessor, but my competency/ assessment is still showing as ‘Red’ in my portfolio.

It is most likely that your assessor did not correctly sign off your submission. In most cases this means the tick-box(es) at the top of your submission, where you indicate the competency/assessment relating to this submission, was left unticked by the assessor. Please ask your training officer to unlock your submission, so that it can be re-assessed with the correct boxes ticked. We would also recommend that you forward these guidance materials to your assessor:

How do I delete a submission?

If you have not yet submitted your work to be signed off, you can delete your draft using the red delete button at the bottom of the submission. If you have already submitted your work, please ask your training officer to unlock your submission back to you. You can then delete the draft as above. If the submission has already been signed off or you have been asked to resubmit your work, you will be unable to delete the submission.

How should I add evidence for two Case-Based Discussions, when there is only one area to add evidence on the submission?

OneFile does not presently offer two separate sections to add evidence of two cases for discussion. Please note trainees should add all evidence for both cases either in the freetext area of the submission, or in the file upload area, clearly indicating which evidence is “Case A” and which evidence is “Case B”. Assessors should indicate in their feedback which case was selected for discussion. Further guidance is available here.

I need a submission unlocked – how can I do this?

Only your trainers can unlock submissions.  Please ask them to unlock the submission in question and if necessary, provide them with the guidance on ‘How to Unlock a Submission’ found here.


Need further support? Submit a request to our help desk at nshcs.digital@hee.nhs.uk