Methods of work-based assessment used on the STP

The work-based assessment programme uses a number of different methods to assess a trainee's performance.


Case-based Discussion (CBD)

Method used – conversation/discussion

Purpose – To discuss an outcome/output from workplace activity using a case record/result.

Takes place – After clinical event, discussing, explaining, justifying aspects of the report/record/result. Including aspects of professionalism. Prior to the CBD event, the trainee should prepare discussion outlines with supporting evidence for the case.



Method used – review of submitted evidence

Purpose – To evaluate evidence that the trainee has achieved the appropriate level of proficiency for specified competences.

Takes place – Upon trainee’s submission of evidence to their assessor.


Direct Observation of Practical Skills (DOPS)

Method used – observation

Purpose – To observe and assess the conduct of a practical procedure.

Takes place – It is reviewed and documented as it is happening.


Observed Clinical Event (OCE)

Method – observation

Purpose – Observe and assess a clinical encounter.

Takes place – Reviewed and documented in the moment/as it is happening.

Last updated on 14th July 2022