Guidance for working with the 2022 STP curricula

This guidance is aimed at training officers with a new trainee starting in September 2022 on the new STP curriculum.


What's changed?

A number of changes to the curriculum have been introduced through the STP Curriculum Content Review project. The review aimed to bring the curriculum up to date and in-line with practice and ensure clarity and consistency across programmes. Curriculum review groups developing the curriculum content were asked to focus on what a clinical scientist should be able to do on day one ‘on the job’ ensuring the curriculum provided the skills and knowledge needed by Clinical Scientists entering the specialty.

The revised curriculum will be delivered from September 2022.

A summary of the changes

  • Rotations have been reworked with an experiential focus. Click this link for more information about rotations.
  • The curriculum format has been standardised, all specialties will complete the same number of competencies and assessments.
  • All curriculum content has been reviewed; both workplace and academic learning have been reviewed and modules aligned across both elements to maximise the integration between workplace and academic learning as far as practical.
  • Flexibility and accessibility to reflect local practice has been embedded in the work-based curriculum. Click this link for more information about work-based curriculum.

Where can I find out more?

We’ll be running events including drop-in sessions in the run up to September. Our usual School events such as ‘Train the Trainer‘ are also available to support you and will reflect the needs of the new curriculum.

There’s more information on the STP Curriculum Content Review project and details on why these changes were made.