Core modules


Professional foundations of healthcare and clinical science

This module will provide trainees with the cross cutting skills and knowledge which form the foundations to their practice in healthcare as a Clinical Scientist. Central to this module is the provision of safe, effective, high quality patient centred care. This module includes work-based and academic content, both of which have been reviewed.

The module does not have a phase and can be approached throughout training. Some competencies, however, have indicative time frames associated such as the MSF (multi-source feedback) competencies which should be completed at the midpoint and endpoint of training.

This module now includes work-based assessments and requires four DOPS or OCEs and four case-based discussions to be completed. The DOPs and OCEs include options for trainees in both patient facing and non-patient facing environments.


Research skills in healthcare science

This module provides the skills for trainees to complete their STP project. On completion of this module trainees will be equipped with knowledge of research, service evaluation and audit. Trainees will appreciate the lifecycle of a project and the methodology required, including qualitative and quantitative research methods, ethical considerations, sharing results and the importance of public and patient involvement.

The module includes two competencies which aim to support the trainee preparing for their STP project in the workplace as well as at university.


STP project

For this module trainees will complete a project in their own specialty, applying knowledge developed in the Research Skills for Healthcare Science module. The projects will contribute to the improvement of patient care through research, service evaluation or audit.

This modules includes two competencies which aim to embed the project in the workplace and share the project conclusions with a wider audience.


Individual professional development

Watch this short animation on the individual professional development module for the 2022 curriculum.

We have introduced an Individual Professional Development module. This module provides an opportunity for trainees to develop their own professional practice. Continued professional development is a requirement of registration as a clinical scientist and the ability to identify individual needs and self-direct development is an important professional skill. Career long learning and development ensure skills and knowledge are up to date and patient care continues to improve and remains safe and effective.

  • Trainees need to identify a personal development need which is relevant to their current or future practice and improves the way they work and the quality of their practice. There are three competencies in this modules which guide trainees through this process.
  • Trainees could develop their knowledge of a particular area of practice or understanding of the wider NHS and healthcare environment. It may be helpful for trainees to consider the feedback from competencies, or the MSF carried out in the Professional Foundations module when identifying a development need.
    Trainees can meet their identified development aim through a single event or a series of events of development opportunities at any time during the programme. There is no phase associated with this module, it can be approached at the most appropriate point in the programme for each trainee.
  • The training budget cannot be used to support trainees undertaking the Individual Professional Development module.
  • It may be helpful to consider the trainees proposed development plan in the context of departmental or organisational policies or guidelines on continuing professional development.