About the Echocardiography Training Programme

Brief details about the programme.


The Echocardiographer Training Programme (ETP) is an 18-month integrated full-time post-graduate programme including a commissioned post-graduate Certificate in Clinical Echocardiography, completion of a work-based training portfolio, and completion of the British Society of Echocardiography (BSE) level 2 Transthoracic Accreditation process.

Trainees on the ETP will complete the full-time 18-month programme and be employed by an NHS Trust. The fixed term training contract will be salaried at AfC Band 6 per annum and will include registration with a nominated University to complete a fully funded, part-time Post-graduate Certificate.

Upon successful completion trainees will be issued with a Certificate of Completion for the Echocardiography Training Programme (CCETP) which confirms that all the relevant mandatory completion criteria for the programme have been met.