Appeals guidance for the STP Independent Assessment of Clinical Competence 2021

The IACC is governed by the IACC Regulations and a set of operating policies.


What is the appeals process?

Trainees may appeal within 20 calendar days of receiving the outcome from their IACC based on any irregularity in the administration or organisation of the assessment or in the decision-making process of the Examination Board when arriving at the outcome. Appeals against academic judgements will not be accepted. Any submissions will only be considered if substantiated with relevant and suitable evidence.

You will find links below for the operating policy for the IACC 2021 and the School’s Plagiarism policy.


Who can submit an appeal?

Submission of an appeal of their IACC outcome must be made directly by the trainee; submissions made on behalf of a trainee will not be accepted.


How do trainees submit an appeal?

Trainees will need to send the detail of their appeal by email to, together with their supporting evidence/ documentation.


What is the timeline in which a trainee can submit an appeal?

Appeals must be submitted directly from the trainee within 20 calendar days from the date of the IACC outcomes being released. Late appeals will not be accepted.


What happens once a trainee has submitted an appeal?

If a trainee submits an appeal, they will receive an acknowledgment of their submission and will be assigned a unique reference number for all future contact in relation to this matter. The trainee shall be informed if their submission falls within the scope of this policy.

If there are particular requirements that the trainee should have followed, but has not, the trainee will be advised that the submission falls outside the scope of this policy and therefore is not eligible for review.


What happens after a trainee has received an acknowledgement of their appeal?

The trainee’s submission will be reviewed in the first instance by the Deputy Head of Assessment who will determine if it falls within scope and a review is warranted. We recommend that trainees continue to prepare for their IACC resubmission whilst awaiting a response to their submission appealing their outcome.

If the submission is within scope, the outcome from the subsequent review will be forwarded to the Head of School for ratification. The trainee will be notified of the ratified outcome in writing within 21 working days.


What happens if a trainee disagrees with the outcome of the review?

The outcome of the review is final and will not be reconsidered. If you have any further questions, please contact us by email at

Last updated on 31st August 2021