Guidance for Bioinformatics Genomics trainees on meeting essential competencies during COVID-19 pandemic

Most of the rotation competences can be covered within the Genetics lab, or can be managed remotely, but there are a couple of areas that are challenging, so the following modifications can be considered.


SBI102 – ICT in the clinical environment C1+2- clinical measurement, calibration etc

This requires going to patient facing areas and as a result is hard to access. However, there aren’t many other opportunities for patient contact in the training.

Propose: covering aspects of this in a theoretical way. Discussion with an expert is acceptable, but trainees should seek other opportunities for patient contact during their training.

SBI102 – ICT in the clinical environment C3+4- image processing software

Some places have managed to complete this remotely but this can be a challenge.

Propose: trainees should make every effort to complete these competences as written. However, if this is not possible, other programming projects should be considered, ideally from outside the genomics lab.

SBI103 – Introduction to Health Informatics C2,3,4- clinical audit

The key advantages of a clinical audit seem to be experiencing wider areas of the hospital, but this is challenging to achieve.

Propose: these competences can be covered through an internal genomics department audit, which should preferably involve a service area that is not familiar to the trainee and have an element of data analysis.

Last updated on 31st August 2021