Format of the IACC (2021)

Here is the key information on the format of the IACC assessment 2021.


Format of the key elements of the IACC

The IACC 2021 takes the form of a written critical reflective narrative which is supported by evidence from your OneFile portfolio and a panel interview. The elements of your IACC 2021 comprise:

1) A critical reflective narrative

2,500 to 3,500 words on your readiness to practise at a level expected of a newly qualified, threshold entry clinical scientist, that is supported by evidence drawn from your OneFile portfolio. This is to be submitted by 1:00pm on Thursday 17th June 2021.

2) A collection of evidence from your e-portfolio

A collection of the evidence you have selected from your OneFile portfolio to support your critical reflection and which will be reviewed by the assessment panel when considering the critical reflection and cited evidence. This must be available and signed off in your OneFile portfolio by 1:00pm on Thursday 17th June 2021.

3) Panel interview

An online panel interview (45 minutes) to discuss your readiness to practise based on your critical self-reflection and supporting evidence. The assessment panel will comprise three independent assessors from your subject speciality. The interviews will take place between 5-16th July 2021. You will be informed of the date of your interview at least six weeks prior to the interview.


Format of the assessment panel

A panel of three independent specialty specific scientists will make an objective holistic assessment of your IACC 2021 based on your self-advocacy (reflective narrative, evidence collection and interview) on your readiness to practise as a safe, newly registered, threshold level Clinical Scientist in your speciality.

The assessment panel will review your narrative and supporting evidence in advance of the interview.

The panel will consider the extent to which your narrative is reflective and self-critical of your development towards achieving the expectations of a newly qualified clinical scientist in your speciality.

The panel will form a view on the extent to which you have provided sufficient citations to evidence in your OneFile e-portfolio that are signed off and appropriate, relevant and persuasive and support your narrative. Persuasive evidence is evidence that substantiates the claims you make in your narrative. The assessment panel will not mark your OneFile e-portfolio but may comment on the parts you have used within the context of your critical reflection.

The assessment panel interview will explore with you your readiness to transition into practice as a newly qualified, threshold entry Clinical Scientist based on your critical reflective narrative and supporting evidence.


Final assessment outcome

You will receive a single, overall grade of pass/fail and a set of feedback from the assessment panel.


Last updated on 31st August 2021