Understanding your IACC result and next steps (2021)

In order to successfully achieve the STP you must achieve a pass in the IACC 2021 assessment.


Your results

If you are awarded a pass, you will receive your result will be confirmed in your Candidate Report, along with assessor feedback.

If you are awarded a fail you are entitled to resubmit your work. Please refer to the resubmission guidance below for further details. Your Candidate Report will tell you the next scheduled date when you can resubmit your IACC 2021. Your Candidate Report will also include feedback from the assessment panel; details of the support available to you; and invite you to arrange a support call with a Training Programme Director prior to any resubmission of your IACC 2021. You are encouraged to use the assessor feedback and support call to help you develop your critical reflective narrative and supporting evidence before you resubmit your IACC 2021. After you have resubmitted your narrative and supporting evidence you will be invited for an IACC 2021 interview to discuss your resubmission.


Resubmission of the STP final assessment

You have a maximum of three attempts to submit your IACC 2021 within a two-year period, starting with the date of your first attempt at the final assessment. In the unfortunate event that you are unsuccessful and fail in your first attempt at the STP final assessment, you will have two further opportunities to retake the assessment within the two-year period.

This form of the STP final assessment will continue to apply to you if you choose to defer your final assessment, or where a resubmission is required.

Last updated on 31st August 2021