Entry requirements FAQs

Common questions and answers about STP entry requirements.

If I am graduating in this academic year, am I eligible to apply for the training posts?

If you are relying on anticipated qualifications, these will have to be achieved before the start date of the programme in order to be considered eligible. If your grade is not achieved before the start date of the programme, you will not be eligible and, this will result in application withdrawal. You will then need to apply to the next available cohort.  If you have an undergraduate degree classified as 2:2, and are relying on a higher degree in a relevant subject, you must already have been awarded the higher degree before the start date of the STP. You must notify the School of your final result via email at england.hcsapplicants@nhs.net no later than 7 days from receiving the university notification and before the training start date. Any courses currently being completed must be fully completed before the September start date, you will not be able to enrol on the MSc if still enrolled on another course.

Is the training programme right for me?

The STP offers a fantastic opportunity for people who are looking for a fulfilling career in healthcare science. It is important that you consider your application to the programme carefully. You must be committed to a career in healthcare science and to providing high quality scientific services to patients and the public. Entry onto the programme is extremely competitive and therefore you should be prepared to be measured on your commitment to the programme and on your understanding of the expectations placed on trainees as part of the selection processes. Read through the STP information for applicants and explore the specialties in more detail on the Health Careers website.

What is a relevant degree?

Due to the extensive variation in degrees available, it is not possible to provide a definitive list of relevant degrees for entry to the STP. You can find a list of commonly accepted degrees in the entry requirements section. Before you apply ensure you review the job description and person specification for the training, and the information about your preferred healthcare science specialty on the Health Careers website.

Can I check if my degree and experience makes me eligible for the STP?

The NSHCS recruitment team are unable to confirm degree eligibility. All applicants will need to apply to have any degrees or qualifications checked for eligibility, this will happen throughout the shortlisting process. Click this link for information on degree requirements and guidance on relevant degrees.

What if I do not achieve my predicted grade?

If you apply based on a predicted grade and are not successful in achieving that grade, you will no longer meet the entry criteria for the programme and your offer will be withdrawn. You must notify the School of your final result via email at england.hcsapplicants@nhs.net no later than 14 days from receiving the university notification and before the training start date.

If I am studying a post graduate course at the time of applying, am I eligible to apply for the training post?

Any postgraduate qualifications that have been included in your application must have been successfully awarded by the start of the programme. It is a requirement of the Higher Education Institutions that applicants must not be enrolled on two academic programmes by start date of the programme.

If I already have a masters degree in this field, can I skip the masters component of the STP?

The STP combines full-time work with a part-time MSc. Both must be completed.

Are there any equivalent routes to becoming a clinical scientist other than the STP?

The Academy for Healthcare Science (AHCS) has developed equivalence assessment processes for Healthcare Science practitioners and scientists who have undertaken training, hold qualifications and/or have considerable professional experience, and who wish to show that these are equivalent. Please visit the AHCS website for further information on equivalence.

How can healthcare scientists work towards certificate of equivalence if they are working outside of the NHS?

Equivalence is a route open to all individuals, providing they can demonstrate the necessary standards. Please visit the AHCS website for further information on equivalence.

Is the programme looking to recruit new or more experienced graduates?

The national shortlisting panels will judge which applicants closely match the person specification. The focus is on whether an applicant has the required skills, knowledge and experience and this could have been gained in a number of different ways. Successful applicants might have a variety of relevant qualifications, experience and potential.

Is there an age limit for the programme?

No, there is not an age limit for applying to the STP.

I’m currently in my final year of a PTP programme, can I apply for the STP?

Yes, we welcome all applications if the entry criteria is met.

Does not having a driving license impact our application negatively?

No, there is no impact on the application if you do not hold a driving licence.