Shortlisting FAQs

Questions and answers about shortlisting for STP applicants.

How are applications ranked based on the preferred locations?

Successfully shortlisted applications are ranked using an algorithm within the Oriel system, which takes account of their scores and the applicant’s selected preference for location.

Do the shortlisters see the whole application?

Shortlisters will have access to the supporting information and education sections.

Does the same person read all the application questions or will they be sent to different shortlisters?

The application is considered independently by two shortlisters from the specialty you have applied for.

I’m a shortlisted reserve applicant when will I know if recruitment is finished?

Interviews are due to be concluded by the end of June 2023. Your status on Oriel will remain unchanged. In the unlikely event a post becomes vacant again, we will contact you directly if you are the next reserve.