Offer process FAQs

Questions and answers about the offer process for STP applicants.

I have not heard from my Trust since my interview, what do I do?

Please email the Trust/Organisation as soon as possible. The key contact was copied into your interview outcome from the School. Please copy us into the email using

Which hospital will I be based at?

Many Trusts/Organisations have different sites that you may need to work at. We recommend contacting the key contact to confirm this information, if it has not been confirmed on your offer letter/contract.

I need to relocate, how do I find accommodation?

We recommend you contact the Trust/Organisation to enquire if there is on-site hospital accommodation. If not, and your base site has been confirmed, you can contact letting agencies etc to enquire about accommodation. You will need a reference to confirm your employment which can be requested from the key contact/HR Department.

When is the start date?

The recommended start date is the 4th September 2023 but this may vary slightly. The start date is determined by the employing Trust/Organisation and is usually dependent on completion of local HR checks. The start date must be before the end of September.

When will I find out what I will be doing when I start the STP?

Your first day arrangements will be confirmed by the key contact/HR department usually once the pre-employment checks are complete. The department you will be working in will confirm your working requirements at departmental induction.

When is the STP induction?

The National School of Healthcare Science hold a Scientist Training Programme Trainee Induction Event each year. Details and dates will be confirmed close to programme start date.

Trainees joining the Scientist Training Programme (STP) in September 2023 will need to attend this key event as part of their induction to the training programme.

Trainees will hear about the programme, their responsibilities and that of their training officer, information about assessments and competencies; fellow trainees will talk about their experiences of being on the training programme and training officers will share how they conduct work based training in the departments. You will also hear about how the work of healthcare scientists impacts directly on patient care and service delivery in the NHS.

This event will be a fantastic opportunity for all new trainees to find out more about the programme and to virtually network with the School, trainee networks, professional bodies and the universities as well as with fellow trainees.

I have a holiday booked, what do I do?

Please inform the main contact at the Trust as soon as possible, to advise them of this.

When will I be paid and how do I find out about annual leave etc?

You will be employed by the Trust you will be working at. Your departmental induction will cover these queries and more.

When will I receive the offer letter and contract? 

This will be generated by the Trust/Organisation you will be working at during the STP.

When will my references be contacted? 

At most Trusts/Organisations this is managed by a central HR/recruitment team who will contact you directly to commence the process. If you need to amend a reference you can inform this team when you are contacted.

What is a sufficient reference?

We do not accept character references as a part of pre-employment checks. You are required to provide your most recent training, educational or work place supervisor.