Guidance on using eNetAssess for STP assessors

This guidance will help you in accessing, downloading and marking the IACC Critical Reflections 2021.


After reading this guidance if you have any queries, please email the NSHCS Digital Servicedesk at


Accessing an IACC Critical Reflection

1) Navigate to eNetAssess at eNetAssess is compatible with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Safari and Firefox. Please do not use Internet Explorer to access eNetAssess as we cannot offer any support for this browser.

2) Your username and password will have been supplied to you via email. Please enter your login details exactly as supplied to you via email. Unlike the image below, your username is likely to be an email address. Click ‘Login’ after entering your details.

3) After logging in, the first thing you will see is a list of all trainees within the specialty. In your email, you will have been supplied with the names and NSHCS ID (in the Training ID column) of the trainee(s) you are expected to assess. You must only access the assessments for the trainee(s) on the list supplied we to you.

To access an IACC submission, click ‘Mark’ on the line for the trainee you are assessing. If the list is very long, you can use the search function at the top of the screen to search by trainee name or Training ID (NSHCS ID); the search function is case-sensitive.

4) To access the trainee’s IACC Critical Reflection click on ‘Download Document’. To leave a mark in an individual domain, use the dropdown for that domain. To leave or edit feedback in a particular domain click the ‘Provide Feedback’ button. When you have left marks in each domain, the final result will automatically be calculated and displayed; it will say ‘Fail’ by default.

5) Once you have left your marks for the IACC Critical Reflection click ‘Save and Exit’. This ensures that you can come back to the marking screen after the video portion of the IACC.

6) After the video portion of the IACC, you can revisit and update your marks if necessary. Carry out steps 1 – 4 again and you will see the marks and feedback you left earlier. Update your marks and feedback as necessary then click ‘Submit Final Grades’.

You’ll see a warning pop up asking you to confirm that you wish to submit the final grade for the trainee. Clicking ‘YES – I want to submit the final grades’ is an irreversible step. Only do this after the video portion of the IACC and in agreement with the other assessors on your panel.

Last updated on 2nd February 2022