STP Independent Assessment of Clinical Competence 2021 – Assessor guidance

The STP final assessment (IACC 2021) assesses the trainee's readiness to practise at the level of a newly qualified, threshold Clinical Scientist in their specialism.


Readiness to practise is defined by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) as practitioners having the “skills, knowledge, character and health they need to practise their profession safely and effectively” (HCPC, 2016, p11).

The IACC 2021 consists of two components:

  1. The trainee’s critical reflective narrative supported by evidence from the trainee’s e-portfolio. The narrative is structured around the Academy for Healthcare Science (2012) Good Scientific Practice domains and includes a global statement. An Microsoft Word template is provided for the critical reflective narrative. The trainee may choose to include a training plan as an annex. Maximum of 3500 words excluding citations and training plan. (Assessors will have access to trainees’ OneFile e-portfolios and are expected to focus on evidence that is cited within the narrative).
  2. An interview (45 minutes), based on the trainee’s critical reflective narrative, conducted by a panel of three specialist assessors.

The pass/fail outcome is determined by the panel after reviewing the two components of the assessment. Both the critical reflection and panel interview must normally be present and assessed for a provisional pass to be recommended.