What forms and documents do I need to complete or provide when I apply for accreditation?


When you apply for accreditation you will need to send us:

  • a complete accreditation application form for the relevant programme
  • an up-to-date organisation chart with roles and responsibilities
  • a completed evidence of meeting requirements for training officer or workplace supervisor role document
  • a completed education and training qualifications template for everyone who will be involved in the training
  • a statement giving brief details of support at trust level for training
  • a training plan to show how the department will deliver all the elements of training for the duration of the programme
  • proof of attendance to the relevant Train the Trainer event by the training officer/workplace supervisor

Generally, each accreditation is for one department providing training in one specialty curriculum, for example, Oxbridge NHS Trust Fertility Service, providing training in reproductive science (embryology). In some cases, you will be delivering more than one specialty; for example, you might also provide training in Andrology. In that case you will need to apply for two accreditations on two separate forms. If they are similar specialties with similarities, you can provide all the evidence in one form. However, if the arrangements for the trainees will be significantly different in the different specialties, please complete a separate form for each one.

Remember to get the application form countersigned by Trust Lead Scientist or Trust Head of Education or equivalent.

Although the application takes some time to complete, it is a vital audit of your training quality. A complete application with all necessary information will allow us to sign-off accreditation as a desk top review, however, if gaps are identified we will request further evidence.

In some instances, a panel visit may be required before accreditation can be granted. A good application will mean we do not need to conduct a panel visit and we can accredit you on the basis of the information and evidence you provide.

It is important to engage with the School’s formal accreditation processes and send any information requested within the timescales. Failure to do so may affect your chances of getting a trainee.