Online resources

Last Updated: 12th October 2020

These are online resources for you to access and use.

One You

One You is a useful NHS website with external sources of support and information about what you can do to help yourself, together with apps to help you in daily life.

Time to Change

Time to Change is a useful website in helping people to recognise mental health issues in yourself and others and has a number of different sources of support or services you can access


Burnout is a useful article from the BBC which may help you to recognise the signs of burnout or factors that may be contributing to it. There are numerous resources available online on this subject.

Schwartz Rounds

Schwartz Rounds is confidential monthly meetings, where staff from different professions and backgrounds come together to discuss the non-clinical aspects of their work. There are many online resources available on this so here are a few that we think might be helpful to tell you what they are and how to access them.

If you have never heard of them, or your employer doesn’t offer them, then talk to your senior management team. You can ask then ask them if they will introduce you, as they are a very effective way of receiving support from your colleagues, whichever profession you are in.