Assessor responsibilities for the IACC


Responsibilities of the Lead Assessor

In addition to assessing the trainee during the IACC 2021 written submission and interview, the Lead Assessor is also responsible for ensuring that:

  • The IACC 2021 is conducted appropriately and fairly with each assessor recording their judgements independently on the appropriate assessor form provided.
  • Ensure the standard of questions, including supplementary questions, are fair, relevant and proportionate to the areas for discussion.
  • The trainee is treated with respect and equity at all times.
  • Any reasonable adjustments as notified are properly accommodated.
  • Ensure each assessor, including themselves, completes their forms fully prior to the pre-interview meeting and the final discussion.
  • Appropriate and equitable discussions are held to arrive at provisional and final consensus recommended outcomes.
  • A consensus outcome is reached and recorded on the Lead Assessor feedback template along with the agreed feedback.
  • Upload and record the final outcome and trainee feedback onto the online system, eCom.
  • Any other requirements that ensure the trainee receives a fair and equitable assessment.
  • Refer to the Senior Manager on duty if any issues arise during the assessment.
  • Ensure that the individual assessors destroy all documents, outcomes and results held when notified by the School.

The Lead Assessor is also expected to attend the appropriate Examination Board relevant to their specialism and, where a majority decision is reached, the Lead Assessor should produce a brief report identifying the difference of opinion and why the panel prefers the majority decision.

The Lead Assessor is also expected to participate in a standardisation exercise to ensure consistency in decision making to arrive trainees’ outcomes recommended by individual assessor panels.


Responsibilities of the Panel Assessors

The assessors will be selected for assessor panels within their specialism and ensuring there are no conflicts of interest.

It is critical that all panel members are consistent, fair, open and transparent in their assessment. The School offers training which assessors must attend before assessing trainees.

Each assessor on the panel will assess the trainee independently, noting the questions they asked and ensuring that they provide their own judgement and comments as required on the Assessor Feedback template.

Three IACC 2021 Panel Assessors, together, will ensure a fair and appropriate assessment of each candidate.

Following independent assessment of the critical reflective narrative and the interview, the IACC assessor panel will discuss the marking and feedback noted by each assessor and conduct a discussion, led by the Lead Assessor, to arrive at an agreed outcome for each trainee.