Reasonable adjustments


Additional time is the only reasonable adjustment that can be offered for the Situational Judgement Test (SJT). If you think that you qualify to receive extra time on the SJT, indicate this on the application form in the reasonable adjustments section, and submit the required evidence as part of the application via Oriel.

Stage 1 – Reasonable adjustment request on Oriel application form

Suitable evidence to support a reasonable adjustment request is:

  • a Cognitive Diagnostic Report confirming your learning disability and the requirement for additional time for written assessments and/or
  • documentation from a registered healthcare professional confirming your requirement for additional time for written assessments – this can be from a doctor, physiotherapist, optician, psychologist or similar and should be on headed paper, dated and signed by the practitioner

Stage 2 – Supporting documentation required

Make sure that submitted evidence is not password protected, is dated and includes contact details of the professional who has written the document. Evidence must be in English, clearly visible and not blurred. Only documents that are legible and clearly indicate your requirement for additional time will be accepted. We are unable to accept any documentation submitted after the STP application form has been submitted. Applicants are unable to appeal the decision if the request is rejected.

A decision about whether or not your request has been approved will be communicated via Oriel. Do not start the SJT until you can see if your request has been approved or rejected.

If you need to contact us about a reasonable adjustment, please email