Recommendations for success


Follow the guidelines for completion:

Plan your narrative using:

  • the what? so what? and now what? model, this will help you organise your narrative but remember to remove these headings when you type up your final draft
  • the submission template

Produce a narrative:

  • which assesses your own practice
  • which encompasses the entire STP training period and experience
  • which is clearly and accurately referenced to your portfolio evidence
  • by being critically reflective; use the What? So What? and Now What? model to ensure you are being critically reflective
  • which is patient and safety focused
  • which demonstrates good scientific practice
  • which demonstrates current abilities and suggests future improvements
  • which instils confidence that you are ready to practise
  • which demonstrates accountability and self-awareness
  • by getting support from your Training Officer and discussing the evidence from your portfolio for each of the domains