About the IACC


The Independent Assessment of Clinical Competence (IACC) has two components:

  1. a critical reflective narrative
  2. an interview

The purpose of both parts of the IACC is to assess your readiness to practice as a healthcare scientist. It will:

  • assess your ability to work safely and effectively at the level of a newly qualified clinical scientist in your specialty
  • assess your ability to ensure appropriate standards and patient safety are maintained at all times
  • recognise the scope of your own competence and readiness to practise as an autonomous professional, and explaining how you will self-regulate to maintain professional standards, including patient safety

The IACC will also:

  • instil in you and the assessor confidence that you have the ability to practise safely
  • demonstrate that you have the necessary self-awareness, self-regulation and self-development
  • demonstrate you are ready to register with the HCPC and uphold standards