About the examination and ratification boards

The examination and ratification boards are an important part of the STP final assessment


Examination board

One exam board will take place, covering all specialties.

All assessor panel provisional outcomes and feedback, incident reports and observations are reported to and considered by the appropriate Examination Board. Members of the Exam Board include:

  • Lead Station Writers
  • Lead Assessors
  • Training Programme Directors
  • External Examiner(s)

Lead Assessors or their nominees are required to attend the appropriate Examination Board for their specialism. The Examination Board considers the recommendations, feedback and report provided by each Lead Assessor and makes recommendations relating to outcomes and feedback for each trainee to the Ratification Board.

The Examination Board must have confidence that the trainee has met or failed to meet the required standard of ‘readiness to practise’ based on the supporting rationale in the feedback provided by the assessor panel. Where the assessor panel recommend that a resubmission is required the Board should also have confidence that the trainee feedback provides sufficient clarity to support the trainee’s next attempt at the IACC.

IACC Examination Boards should have confidence that the outcome recommended to the Ratification Board is unlikely to be successfully appealed.


Ratification board

The Ratification Board comprises the Head of School, an External Examiner and two Training Programme Directors. The Board considers and confirms all trainee assessment outcomes and feedback to support the Head of School’s ratification of the results.

Candidate reports

Trainees will receive their Candidate Report confirming their assessment outcome and feedback which has been approved by the Examination and Ratification Boards. Lead Assessor reports to the Examination Board on majority decisions for provisional outcomes or the individual notes and draft feedback made by individual assessors will not be provided to the trainee. Where a trainee is required to resubmit, they will be wholly reliant on feedback and guidance provided within their Candidate Report.