Guidance on crafting the required Assessor feedback comments

All trainees who fail their 2024 IACC receive feedback on their assessment performance.


For trainees who have passed, comments can be thought of as feedforward and for those who have yet to achieve, as feedback (a more commonly used term).

In collaboration with assessors and Lead Station Writers, consideration was given to what feedforward and feedback comments should do for the candidates. We hope the following will help guide you when you are crafting your comments.

The marking criteria rubric provides a baseline of feedback on critical reflection self-advocacy and evidence that can be developed and expanded.


For trainees who have met the standard

  • Comments which recognise the trainee’s level of performance.
  • Help in identifying what they did well and areas for improvement – balance tipped to the met areas as they have met the expected ‘readiness to practise’.
  • Be relevant and aligned to the areas assessed.
  • Be clear and comprehensible.
  • Provide a basis for reflecting on their achievements and suggestions for continuing development including suggestions including further study.
  • Be achievable and motivational.

For trainees that have not achieved on any area

  • Help in identifying what they did well and areas for improvement – balance tipped to the not met attributes as they have not yet met the ‘readiness to practise’ requirement.
  • Be relevant to the areas on which they need to improve.
  • Be clear and comprehensible on how they need to improve.
  • Provide a basis for reflecting on and improving the not met attributes.
  • Be achievable and motivational – should empower and enable.

What comments should not do

  • Demotivate
  • Dismiss efforts
  • Diminish standing
  • Destroy confidence
  • Deny that improvements are needed

This is guidance only. As an assessor you will have views of your own on how to ensure your comments are effective. However, if they digress far beyond the above, we would like to know so that they can be reviewed and guidance can be adjusted for sharing with all assessors.