How to prepare and submit your evidence showcase


Watch this video for guidance on preparing your showcase

This video provides helpful hints and tips for HSST candidates so that they are able to produce a showcase of high quality for the examiners to review prior to the IAPS.


Download the presentation slides

Download a copy of the presentation slides used in the IAPS showcase preparation video guidance.


Watch this video about the showcase module in OneFile

In this video, first broadcast 7th July 2022, Stuart Sutherland (Head of Digital at the NSHCS) demonstrates how the showcase module in OneFile works and provides guidance about how the five individual submissions to the showcase module should be constructed and completed.


Steps to guide you through submission in OneFile

For each of the five Good Scientific Practice (GSP) domains:

  1. Choose a coherent selection of evidence that you feel gives a good example of you meeting the Standards of Proficiency for this domain. The evidence should be selected from a coherent set of activities. This is all about providing a good, representative example of your work. It is not about uploading a set of disparate, unconnected pieces of evidence.
  2. Create a new submission in OneFile. When you are asked to ‘Set Criteria’, choose the appropriate GSP domain from within the ‘HSST IAPS showcase’ module. (Figure 1)
HSST IAPS showcase 2021
Figure 1. Select a single domain from the Standards of Proficiency for each of your five submissions
  1. Within the ‘Evidence’ free text box you should provide a narrative that summarises your evidence, places it in context and connects it together. This will make it easier for your IAPS assessors to understand your work and conduct the professional discussion with you about each of the GSP domains.
  2. Attach your selected evidence to your submission.
  3. Sign the submission and submit it to your supervisor for sign off (by clicking ‘Save & Quit’). Your supervisor’s sign off should be a formality as you should be re-presenting and summarising evidence that is already in your e-portfolio with this submission.
  4. When all five of your showcase submissions have been signed off, you will see the ‘red’ message shown in Figure 2 below in your OneFile. Do not worry about this confusing message. It appears because the showcase module is ‘unweighted’ in OneFile and does not count towards your overall 100% progress. It is a quirk of OneFile that you can safely ignore.
IAPS showcase submissions message
Figure 2. Showcase submissions unweighted module message
  1. Once you have submitted you showcase and had all five submissions signed off, you can apply to sit the IAPS. The IAPS application is available as one of the forms on OneFile. Your IAPS application must be received by the showcase submission deadline. Click this link to view the IAPS deadlines.