COVID-19: STP completion

Information for trainees about changes to STP completion during the coronavirus pandemic.


Latest statement

Statement published on 7th August 2020

Submit salary support extension details before deadline on 12th August at midday

HEE have issued a letter today requesting details of salary support extensions due to Covid-19. The details must be emailed to before midday on Wednesday 12th August 2020.


Previous statements

7th August 2020 - OneFile portfolio requirements guidance for 2020 completion

We have published guidance for trainees and training officers on OneFile portfolio requirements for completion in 2020.

4th May 2020 - Alternative to the OSFA exit assessment

We have published information about the alternative to the OSFA exit assessment for STP trainees completing their programme this year.

The alternative to the OSFA exit assessment for STP trainees completing their programme this year will be an assessment which we are calling the Independent Assessment of Clinical Competence (IACC).

Click for information about the IACC

24th April 2020 - Completion proposals submitted to HEE Executive Team

This week we submitted proposals for completion of the STP for final year trainees to the HEE Executive team leading on the response to disruptions to HEE programmes caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. The proposals have now been approved.

We are now in a position to provide trainees with a broad outline of what will be expected of them in order to complete the programme.

The MSC in Clinical Science

Trainees will be expected to have completed their MSc in Clinical Science. The various universities are making and communicating proposals for alternative means by which they will assess trainees and make their awards.

An alternative to the OSFA

In place of the OSFA, trainees will be required to submit a written critical reflection on their clinical competence and readiness to practise, which outlines how their experience and learning to date demonstrate how they meet the standards set out in the Academy of Healthcare Science’s Good Scientific Practice.

Our current plan is that this piece of written work will be submitted by a point in mid-July. Trainees will be given advance notice of the precise requirements of the written assignment in May.

Trainees and their training officers will be provided with further and more detailed guidance about the alternative final assessment next week and beyond.

Revised workplace-based e-portfolio completion requirements

As many final year STPs will have had interruptions to completion of their specialty competencies due to the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, a proportionate approach to demonstrating their competence will be accepted. A revised set of requirements for programme completion have been agreed with the Academy for Healthcare Science. In summary, these will be as follows:

  1. 100% completion of the Professional Practice module
  2. 100% completion of the rotation modules
  3. A declaration of the trainee’s scientific specialty competence will be required from an HCPC registered scientist
  4. The Elective module will not be mandatory
  5. Trainees will be required to have completed one MSF exercise only

Our aim is that the deadline for achievement of these revised e-portfolio requirements will be close to the usual deadline for e-portfolio completion in late September.

We hope that this broad outline provides trainees and trainers with a sufficient amount of direction about what is to be expected of them at present. We would respectfully request that trainees wait until they receive further detailed guidance about these requirements before approaching the School with queries about elements that remain unclear.

In the meantime, we strongly advise trainees to continue their training and achieve as many assessments as possible and request that training officers support training activity.


FAQs for STP trainees during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

We have put together a list of questions and answers relating to any changes that may occur, due to the pandemic.


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