IACC 2022 Trainee webinar recordings

Recordings for trainees who are sitting their STP final assessment in 2022.


Reflective writing

Click the link below for the recording of the ‘Trainee workshop on reflective practice for the IACC’, which also contains additional content to help final year trainees prepare for the reflective writing part of the final assessment.


IACC 2022 Briefing for trainees

This workshop for trainees includes information on:

  • an overview of the IACC
  • an introduction to the IACC assessor panel
  • your written submission
  • your IACC interview
  • changes to the IACC interview scope for 2022 including the introduction of two case-based discussion scenarios
  • marking criteria
  • submission process
  • results and feedback
  • resits
  • appeals process

Last updated on 14th June 2022