Midterm Review of Progression support meetings guidance

A facilitative and supportive measure for both the trainee and Training Officer.


All trainees and Training Officers are asked to meet with the School when a trainee receives an outcome 3 from the Midterm Review of Progression and/or if there are previously known issues raised outside of the Midterm Review of Progression process that would benefit from further discussion. The initial meeting will triage the issues and determine if further action and/or support is necessary.


The purpose of the meetings

The meetings are intended as a facilitative and supportive measure for both the trainee and Training Officer to review and discuss the issues in more detail, with the aim of supporting both parties to identifying remedial actions to improve progression.

The meeting may result in an action plan being prepared with objectives set which the trainee, with the support of their Training Officer, will be responsible for meeting within the timescales outlined. Action plans will be reviewed to ensure that the necessary progress is being made.

The School will facilitate the discussion, provide advice and guide the recommendations and production of the action plan by the trainee.

There will be no punitive measures taken as a result of the support meetings and trainees will be given every opportunity to meet the requirements of the programme. However, should the activities in the action plan not be met within the required timescales, then a further review of progression will be necessary.

Continued and sustained failure to meet the required targets may result in the trainee being referred to the School’s Training Management Panel, at which point the feasibility of their continuation on the programme will be considered.


How they are conducted

Progression support meetings are conducted remotely via MS Teams. If this platform is not available to trainees and/or Training Officers, a teleconference call can be conducted. Trainees and/or Training Officers should notify the School that they will require a teleconference call, when they are contacted to confirm a date/other arrangements. Trainees and Training Officers must respond promptly when asked for dates of their availability, so that a suitable date can be arranged as soon as possible after the Midterm Review of Progression outcomes are confirmed.

Trainees and Training Officers must ensure they make themselves available for the full duration of the meeting without any interruptions. They should identify a suitable space, in a private area, where they can participate in the discussion unhampered.

All relevant paperwork and information will be provided by the School in advance of the meeting.


Preparation for the meeting

There are a number of actions trainees and Training Officers should take to prepare for the meetings.

  1. Submit a copy of the trainee’s current training plan to the School at least 5 working days in advance of the meeting. This is to enable the School to review the plans in place and to determine where further advice and support might be needed where appropriate.
  2. Undertake a gap analysis of the OneFile portfolio activities which have not yet been completed in line with the requirements of the Midterm Review of Progression (all rotation training activities and work-based assessments and 1 Multi-Source Feedback assessment in progress or completed).
  3. Meet with each other to discuss the trainee’s progression and consider any actions that could be taken, to address the issues with progression so that these can be confirmed in the meeting.
  4. Confirm preferred date and mode of the meeting with the School as soon as possible


As outlined in the midterm review of progression process, returns received from trainees and Training Officers are confidential.

Both trainees and Training Officers have the opportunity in their individual discussions with the School, to explore their returns in more detail. In all circumstances we would encourage an open and honest approach between a trainee and Training Officer, to maximise the opportunity to address the issues. Meeting in advance of the discussion with the School, to share any concerns, will ensure a better understanding of the issues and enhance the opportunity to identify potential solutions.