Communications relating to review of progression

Keeping the School up to date with your contact information is key for a successful review of progression.


All communications in relation to this process will be via professional email addresses as registered with the School.

It is important that we are in receipt of the latest contact information. If trainee or Training Officer contact information changes you must inform us so we can update our records. Email us at

It will also be important that trainees and Training Officers ensure that their work emails enable communications to be received from the School mailboxes. If communications are not being received please check junk folders or liaise with your local IT teams to enable access.



Any information submitted to the School by trainees and Training Officers will be treated confidentially.

We would encourage an open and honest approach between a trainee and Training Officer, to maximise the opportunity to address the issues. Meeting in advance of the discussion with the School, to share any concerns, will ensure a better understanding of the issues and enhance the opportunity to identify potential solutions.